Travel Plan

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This policy is designed to cover the risks involved while travelling outside the country of residence up to 92 consecutive days. The policy provides with the following coverage:
The Company will provide the following Benefits when the Insured is travelling outside the Usual Country of Residence up to 92 consecutive days.
  1. Medical Expenses and hospitalization abroad
    The General Takaful shall meet the reasonable costs of hospitalization, surgery, medical fees and pharmaceutical products, prescribed by the attending doctor.
  1. Repatriation of Mortal Remains
    The General Takaful shall make the arrangements necessary  to transport or repatriation the Mortal Remains In the event of the  insures’ death
  1. Transport or repatriation in case of illness or accident
    In the event of an accident or sudden illness, The General Takaful take charge of transferring or repatriating the Insured to a properly equipped health centre or to his/her usual country of residence.
  1. Advance Money
    If during a trip abroad, the Insured were deprived of cash due to loss of credit card, The General Takaful shall advance funds on behalf of an Insured.
  1. Compensation for in-flight loss of checked-in baggage
    The Company will supplement the compensation for which the carrier is liable