Household Comprehensive Insurance

This is a comprehensive protection plan against loss or damage to your home. Such as Building, Contents like house hold goods and other personal property, Rent and additional expenses of alternative accommodation, Liability to the public, Liability to the domestic staffs.  The policy covers against losses &/or damages caused by the following:
♦  Fire, Lightning, Thunderbolt, Explosion, Earthquake or Volcanic eruption
♦  Riot, Strike, Labour disturbances, Malicious damages and Civil commotion
♦  Storm, Tempest, Flood
♦  Bursting or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus or pipes
♦  Aircraft and other aerial devices and/or articles dropped there fromImpact by any road vehicle or animals
♦  Theft
♦  Accidental breakages
♦  Falling trees
♦  Accidental damage to underground properties
These all coverage subject to terms, exclusions and limitations of the policy. Usual duration of the policy is 12 months.


Additional Services

Home Assist is a “24 hours a day, 365 days a year” emergency service for householders, to make their home safe and secure against further loss or damage. This cover is available as supplementary cover of Household Comprehensive Insurance with nominal additional premium.

The company will endeavor to carry out the emergency services, subject to limitations of cover. All Authorized work is carried out by the GULF ASSIST Approved Professional who is then paid directly by us.

Standard Cover & Benefits :

♦  Breakdown or damage in piping and fixed water installations in the house.

♦  Cost of the call out, labour and materials up to QR.700 for each incident. Maximum of three incidents in any one year.

♦  Failure of the electrical supply within the house.

♦  Where the House is insecure due to:

♦  Loss or theft of keys or damage to external locks as a result of theft.

                                                                                                 ♦  Breakage of glazing to external windows and doors