Comprehensive Motor Insurance

This insurance covers all the damages and losses for the car that occurs from the car accident. In addition, this type of insurance also, covers the damages that happen to the third-party properties, driver and the passengers.

In addition, we provide an additional service to meet our customer’s needs. These services are:

Road Assist: ( optional )

  1. Towing or Removal of Vehicle Service:
    If your vehicle is involved in an accident or broken-down, we shall tow your vehicle to the nearest workshop.
  2. Tire Replacement Service:
    If your vehicle has a flat tire, we will send our technicians to your location in order to replace it.
  3. Fuel Delivery Service:
    If your vehicle runs out of fuel, we would provide a fuel at your location.
  4. Battery Charging Service:
    If you cannot start your vehicle because, the battery is discharged, we will send our technicians to your locations to your location to rest the vehicle.
  5. Lock-out service:
    If you cannot drive your vehicle due to your keys being locked inside, we shall send our technicians to your location in order to lockout your vehicle.

Pickup & Delivery Services:

  1. Pickup and Delivery for Routine Maintenance Services:
    We will arrange to pick up your car from you and take it to the agent to do the necessary maintenance required and deliver it back to you once ready.
  2. Pickup and Delivery for Traffic Inspection and Registration Services:
    We will arrange to pick it up your car from you and take it to the traffic directorate for annual inspection and registration.
  3. Airport Drop off Services:
    We will provide you a Taxi Service to pick you up from your location in Qatar and drop you to the airport. The service is valid 24/7.
    The above services need booking 48/H in Advance.
    Your policy allows you for 2 free services to be chosen from the above list.

Car Replacement Services:

In the event of any accidents where the vehicle takes 48 hours to be repaired, you will be entitled to replacement car, for the duration of the repairs up to the limit and specifications of your policy.

Agency Repair Deputation:

Agency Repairs, with no deductible on the original spare parts.
We provide the service
We fix spares parts in the agency and we don’t take the responsibility for the original parts.

Off Road Cover Excluding Sand dunes:

Used for leisure and recreation purposes (excluding sand dunes).