Motor Insurance

Compulsory (Third Party) Insurance Policy for Motor Vehicles

Unlimited and as per the judgment of the competent court; including bodily injuries to the insured or the ve-hicle’s driver, or members of their families (spouse, parents and children) or any person (s) in their employ-ment. Excluding damage to properties belonging to, held in trust by, or in the custody of or control of the In-sured or the vehicle’s driver; or members of their families (spouse, parents and children) or any person (s) in their employment.

Additional Insurance for the body of the vehicle. (own damage)

If the third party cover is extended to include the own damage to the insured vehicle, this additional cover shall be subject to the unified optional insurance policy for own damage as per Ministerial Decree No. (4) of 1992.

NB: The insured vehicle will not be used for rent unless clearly stated in the Policy.


1. Geographical cover (outside Qatar):
Policy can be extended territorial limit with a nominal premium

2. Roadside Vehicle Assistance:

24 hours road side vehicle assistance are providing by ONLY General Takaful in Qatar with additional charges with any of our motor vehicle insurance (Term applies). This is a supplementary additional cover with motor vehicle policy for both own damage and third party compulsory  coverage.
Standard cover available whenever wherever vehicle down due to:
• Accident or engine breakdown
• Flat tire
• Run out of fuel
• Dead battery or
• Vehicle locked out
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