Travel Insurance Plan

Overseas travel for business or vacation is a great experience. But even the best planned trips can go wrong due to unforeseen events that can make your travel experience a nightmare. General Takaful’s Travel Insurance Policy is specially designed to give you a comprehensive travel insurance that covers you against unanticipated medical and non-medical expenses, so that you can relax while doing your business or studying without any complications.

Our policy is designed to cover the risks involved while travelling outside of Qatar for Schengen countries up to €30,000 and worldwide up to $150,000.

Key Features:

  • Medical and emergency assistance
  • Personal assistance benefits
  • Baggage losses & delay benefits
  • Personal accident benefits
  • Civil liabilities benefits
  • Other benefits

General Takaful offers the best rates, benefits, and coverage options, allowing you to protect your trip investment and personal comfort. General Takaful brings you a choice of travel insurance policies to ensure peace of mind and a rewarding experience when you travel. We offer 3 packages with a lot of flexibility and options built into them to enable you to choose a set of benefits that match you. You can choose a package depending on the area of travel, the activities you undertake, and even protect yourself against terrorism in sensitive areas.  We also offer Special rates for family with Worldwide Coverage

  • Schengen Travel – Emergency Medical coverage of €30,000 and other benefits
  • Worldwide
  • Worldwide Excluding USA & CANADA

Travel insurance plan insurance can be purchased at any of our conveniently located General Takaful offices