Money Insurance (Cash in Safe / Cash in Transit)

The money insurance exists to cover many things such as theft. Moreover, this insurance covers the loss or damage of money due to any reasons except a few exclusions specified in the policy.

The Terms Money includes: Documents, Currency Notes, Current Coin, Cheques, Postal Orders, Money Orders and Current Postage Stamps, Usual Coverage.

  1. Cash In Transit: Loss of money caused by robbery, theft, or any accidental event whilst transit.
  2. Cash In Safe: From the Insured safe or strong room caused by theft or robbery
  3. Cash on Counter: Money from the Insured’s premises during business hours caused by theft or robbery
  4. Cost of Safe
  5. Personal Accident cover for Cash Carrying employee
  6. Damage to carrying employee’s clothing following assault
  7. Out of safe out of working hours
  8. Extension of Geographical area

Usual duration of the policy is 12 months.