Naam’a saving Takaful Plan

A penny saved is a penny gained
Naam’a stands for growing savings. Naam’a Investment & Savings Takaful available for the persons age is between 18 up to 65 to cover death or disability (natural or accidental) and provides them with systematic savings and investment opportunities in accordance with the Sharia’ principles. The period of Takaful usually is between 5 to 20 years.

The operator (General Takaful) maintain participant’s account in two heads, Investment Fund and Takaful Fund. And invest the savings in various profitable sector as per Islamic Sharia and generate profit on participant’s behalf.

On participant’s death or disability:
General Takaful will pay the unpaid instalments in the event of death or permanent total disability of the participants plus the accumulated savings of the participant’s investment fund together with profits generated to the beneficiaries.

On maturity:
General Takaful will pay the accumulated amount at the investment fund plus profits generated at maturity or at any time on demand of the participant.