Money Insurance (cash in Safe / Cash in Transit)

Money like any other property is susceptible to loss and damage and this insurance exist to cover such mishaps. The Physical movement of money and keep in a safe have always been matter of concern. This insurance provides loss or or damage of money due to any reasons except a few exclusions specified in the policy.

The Terms Money includes Bank Notes, Currency Notes, Current Coin, Cheques, Postal Orders, Money Orders and Current Postage Stamps.

Usual Coverage
• Cash In Transit: Loss of money caused by robbery, theft, or any accidental event whilst transit
• Cash In Safe: From the Insured’s safe or strong room caused by theft or robbery
• Cash on Counter: Money from the Insured’s premises during business hours caused by
theft or robbery

The following extensions are available but not limited to:
• Cost of Safe
• Infidelity of employee carrying cash
• Personal Accident cover for Cash Carrying employee
• Damage to carrying employee’s clothing following assault
• Out of safe out of working hours
• Extension of Geographical area

Usual duration of the policy is 12 months.