Marine Hull Insurance

Ship-owners / Ship Managers are exposed to various maritime perils and this is the policy intended to covers related to such perils.Hull, as the name suggests are those sea bound vessels used for different purpose commercially. Some as Tankers, Bulk carriers, Cargo carriers and Towing activities amongst others. All such activities are subject of a number of risks that could cause damage not only to theHullitself but to other parties. Insuring theHullis protecting the business against such losses.


This policy provides various types of covers forHullfrom which you can choose. Amongst the covers available are All Risks, cover against the risks of Fire, Explosion, Piracy, Perils of the sea, Violent theft, Collision, Boiler explosion, Aircraft or articles dropped therefrom, Barratry and other various types of covers which our specialists can advise which to opt for.