Registration and Membership

  • Registration and membership are open to anybody who is at least of 18 years of age. The Company (General Takaful) reserve the right to reject any membership application and remove the member from the Company’s premises or website, also the Company reserves the rights to suspend, revoke or amend any membership.

If you would like to become a registered member (Bidder), please follow these steps:

  1. Fill in the Registration Form
  2. Attach a copy of valid Qatar ID or a valid Passport. If registration is made for a Company, please submit a copy of a valid Commercial Registration (CR).
  • To ensure seriousness and eliminate false application, when registering the Applicant is required to pay a deposit amount of Qrs. 2,500 by a Credit Card or Cash. This amount is refundable
  • The Company (General Takaful) will review and monitor all information submitted during the registration process. If any of this information is changed you should notify the Company immediately.

The Applicant Agrees and confirms that:

  • All information provided during the registration process are accurate, genuine and correct. And that the Applicant is in no way using any names/ aliases or representing companies/ entities he is not authorized to legally represent.
  • Upon completing the registration process, you will receive your Account Designation including the User ID and Password. It is your personal responsibility to maintain the security of your User ID and Password, and you will be responsible and liable for all activities taking place under your account.
  • You should immediately notify The Company (General Takaful) if you suspect any unauthorized use of your account or suspected breach of security. Also, you should make sure to Log-out/ Sign-off of your account at the end of each session.
  • The Bidder Should not use this Auction module in any illegal/ illicit activities. You should not have the intention/ predetermination to harm the goodwill of The Company (General Takaful) and the Auction Module Members. The Company (General Takaful) reserve the right to delete any uploaded content without giving any reasons. And The Company (General Takaful) reserve its rights for further legal actions against violators.
  • A valid Credit Card’s information should be provided when filling the Registration Form to obtain the username and password.
  • In the event of a winning bid, a 10% deposit will be charged to the registered Credit Card. If the credit card does not have sufficient balance/ limit, the Bidder will be notified for the first time. Should this be repeated, The Company (General Takaful) will revoke the membership and delete the account, and the Bidder will have no rights to claim any refund or damages from The Company (General Takaful).
  • The Bidder must visit The Company (General Takaful) Offices to complete the sale process within 7 working days from the closure of bidding to complete the sale process. If the Bidder fails to do so, the 10% deposit will be not be refunded.
  • If payment is made by a cheque, transfer of ownership for the vehicles will not take place till confirmation that the whole amount is credited to General Takaful’s bank account.
  • It is important to comply with moral standards and to refrain from using foul language/ profanity, aggressive or abusive language towards individuals, races, religions or civilizations.
  • The Admin will have the right to:
  1. Delete an account
  2. Prevent an Individual from joining the Auction
  3. Cancel/ Revoke a specific bid
  • If it is found out that a Bidder is using more than one account to bid for the same auction, using a false credit card or violated the terms of Auction.
  • IF the Bidder was outside the State of Qatar, then the Bidder agrees to pay all shipping costs to his country or any other distention he chooses.
  • In case of any unexpected technical reasons preventing Bidders from joining/ following auctions, The Company (General Takaful) reserve the rights to either close/end the bid in question or extend bid period until these issues are resolved.
  • The Company (General Takaful) will contact the members with details/ updates in this regard.


  • The wreckage on sale is being offered/ sold on (As is) basis. There are no guarantees whatsoever made by The Company (General Takaful) (including but not limited to that the wreckage meets certain quality standards, usability or availability of keys). It will always be assumed that the Bidder has inspected the wreckage and agrees/ confirms to its existing status before the bidding.

Legal Jurisdiction:

  • These terms and conditions are interrupted in accordance with The Qatari laws. And Qatari Courts will have jurisdiction in case of disputes.