Core Values: T + A + K + A + F + U + L

TTeamwork           :           We are a community with diverse knoledge and strengths working together to achieve a common goal which is the financial well being of our customers.


AAttitude               :           Our positive attitude leads towards dignity and worth of the services we render to the community.


KKnowledge          :           Knowledge and wisdom are our core for cooperation and support among partners/participants/colleagues.


AAchievement      :           Operational excellence, customer care and satisfaction are our achievement.


FFocus                    :           We focus on people and apply the highest ethical, moral and professional standard.


UUnderwriting      :           We are dedicated to providing excellent underwriting and loss control advices.


LLeadership           :           We grow our leadership position through providing Takaful packages to protect the Policyholder’s and Shareholder’s interests.